Mermy – A ‘Cutified’ Merlion!




The model Mermy was not only create to become our mascot, but also as a tool to showcase each printer’s quality of print and as a gauge to correlate the time it takes to print versus the time posted on our website.




Why is it important? Every printer has differing capabilities. Printing the same item on different printers will guarantee differing results. Therefore it is recommended to test print Mermy to calculate the time difference you take versus the time we took.


For example,

Time taken for us to print Mermy = 1 hour

Time you took = 1.5 hours

Therefore it can be estimated that the time taken to print something on our site will be 1.5× the posted timings.


Once you have determined your printing speed against ours, you can determine the price of your service using the ratio you have determined.


Things you have to consider while pricing are your price per hour and cost of materials. Postage, if chosen, will be calculated separately.


For example, your timing is 1.5× our posted timing. You want to charge $10 per hour of service, and filament cost is approximately $1 per hour. Your total cost for printing will be $11 per hour, and the cost of your service should be 1.5 × $11, $16.5, to compensate for the extra time it take for you to print versus our settings.


To stay competitive, we advise that you set your $/hr accordingly if your printer takes longer to print out similar objects as compared to other printers.


Quality Control


Another function of Mermy is to showcase the quality of prints. After you’ve printed out Mermy, take a picture and post it on your profile. This allows other users to see the quality of the prints you are able to achieve and can help them decide whether to use your printing services.



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