We’ve been printing a lot of the models uploaded to us and during our prints, there a lot of very interesting and innovative models hence, we decided to have a list of those to share with you all!

GoPro under water mount

This hack allows GoPro users to just find a used plastic bottles and attach their GoPro on it and just throw it in the water. It’ll float and you can take underwater footages and let it continue to float while you’re having fun with your friends and family!

Starting for as low as SGD$5!

GoPro diving mount

Diving enthusiasts look here! Tired of super expensive GoPro diving mount? This 3d printed mount starts from as low as SGD$30! It includes an additional hole for you to mount your remote. All actions can be done with only one hand, freeing your other for touchy touchy moments under water 😉

GoPro to DSLR mount

This tiny little mount does wonder to any documentation. With a DSLR, you can only choose either one, video or photo; with this, why not both?! Its a mount that attaches your GoPro to your DSLR so while you’re taking pictures, your GoPro is running and capturing all that you might have missed!

Best of all, it starts from as low as SGD$5!

GoPro ground spike mount

Ever wish you can set your GoPro somewhere/anywhere in your adventures but the ground is uneven, filled with patches of grass and mud? Fret not, this mount firmly grounds your GoPro into the ground. Just set it there and film all your adventures!

Starting from as low as SGD$5!

Moai decor for Terrarium/Aquarium

For terrarium/aquarium hobbyist, turn you very own mini world into something magical and beautiful with decorations like this! Starting from as low as SGD$5!


If you are a fan of the animated movie, Spirited Away, this needs no introduction! Isn’t it great to have one of this as a decor inside your own home with your favourite character? When printed big enough, you can actually use it for cosplay too!

Starting from as low as SGD$15!

Bulbasaur planter

This is by far our top favourite because it is so flipping cute! This is a planter for you to plant your mini cactus or any other miniature plants that replaces the bulb on the bulba! Great for decor and placement around the house and greater if you have a collection of different colours!

Starting from as low as SGD$10!


If you have a 3D printer, join us today and let your 3D printer work for you! You don’t need to worry about orders because that is what R3D is for. We house a number of 3d models that have been tested by us where we also recommend the printing settings. You do not need to tinker around with it until you get the optimum settings!

R3D constantly finds and test new models and advertise them to get people interested in, so don’t worry about orders. All you have to do is just sit back, relax and wait for that notification! 😉

Everyone else!

Like what you see but don’t have a 3D printer? Don’t worry, visit us here and we have a list of registered printers waiting to fulfil your order for you!

All are protected by R3D’s protection. For more information on shopping with us, please visit us here!

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