How does everything works?

So… We have receive a couple of queries by interested 3D printers owner and we’ve decided to put up an informative (yet simple) guide to navigating in R3D!

Signing Up

Signing up is pretty easy, just fill up the necessary information required by us; your prices, your printing details, your location, PayPal account information etc.

  • Please ensure your Paypal account information is accurate as money will be transferred over to the given information.

Mermy & Timing

Go ahead and print out Mermy!

Details of the purpose of Mermy can be found here in specifics. In gist, Mermy help you to compare your printing time with R3D’s. It takes us approximately 1 hour to print out Mermy in the specifications listed here.

Another of its use is quality gauge. Mermy is a difficult model to print, hence it tests the quality of your printer. Print it out, and show our customers what your printer is capable of!

Pictures Pictures Pictures~

You might want to upload a profile picture under your profile.

Under ‘My Account’, you will also find a tab named ‘Pictures’; this is for you to showcase what other prints you have done and what your printer is capable of! Picture speaks a thousand words, customers would be more attracted to what they see before they decide to engage you.

Your pictures will show up when users are browsing models on R3D and will enlarge upon clicking it.

*Note: Pictures’ dimensions are recommended to be in square, 500-500px to 700-700px. 

Receiving Orders

When you receive an order, an email will be sent to you and you can find the order details under ‘Orders’ in your account. Before accepting or declining, you can view the details of it.

If the user requires a different setting as determined by R3D, you have the option to ‘requote’ the order when you view the details of the order. On requoting, you can determine the new price with a message of justifying it.

If there are no specific alterations, you can go ahead and accept the order.

If the customer has chosen for the product to be shipped, you have the option of determining the shipping cost which will be added on to the final price of the model.

Payment! $$

Once the user has made payment, you will receive another email from R3D and you can then continue to print out the model! Money will be kept by R3D until we know that the model has been received in due course and quality. Hence, it is important for you to check items sent after you have printed it out and sent it. It can be found under ‘Orders’ when payment has been made.

After 7 days, R3D will then release the money to you. Of the transaction, R3D will take a 15% cut from it.

We hope this clears the air and we welcome more of those with 3D printers to join us!


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