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Are you feeling lost? New to 3D printing? Fret not, we are always here to help! We have compiled some really useful information to get you started on your shopping spree here @ R3D!


Pretty straightforward. Just register yourself with us and fill in the required fields and you’re good to go!


Getting started is just a click away from all the innovative products on R3D! You can visit our library here.

Nothing captures your attention or do you have something in mind? If you have a model at hand and want to print it out, just upload it to R3D! We will assess the model for you to assure its printability and will fix any issues with your model before approving it on R3D.


At the product page, you can select the colour/material you want and it will filter the available printers with that requirement.

Further down are the list of printers ready to be at your service!

If you require any further changes to the specifications determined by us,

and want it to be full solid (infill: 100%), you can highlight it in your order form, under comment.

As different specification will result in different printing time, a different specification requested by you will also result in a different cost. Just submit your order form and wait for the printer you engaged to get back to you on the final cost!

During this page, you can also choose for your product to be shipped to you or you can arrange for a meet up with your printer. Shipping costs will also be updated after your printer has confirmed your order. Shipping costs will be determined by the printer (to ensure the product safely reaches you) and will be added to the final cost.


R3D’s recommended minimum printing specifications are based on the models’ function and its feasibility. In gist, what we recommend to be printed at that specification is sturdy enough for its intended purpose. E.g. a GoPro mount will be normally printed at full solid (100% infill), while a decor piece like this Bulbasaur planter will not (20% infill).

We recommend that you use our specifications; let us worry about the technical stuffs, you just enjoy your shopping spree here! πŸ˜‰


Payment will only be made once the order is accepted by the printer.

At the payment page, you will see the final breakdown of the price of your product and means to contact your printer via email.

Payment will be made through our secured PayPal portal.


At R3D, we understand how important it is to feel protected. When shopping with R3D, you are always protected by our policies. R3D will hold on to the payment for 7 days, starting when the printer has printed out the model and has checked that the item has been sent out (delivered).

Within these 7 days, should you uncover any issues with your order, please kindly contact us through our contact formΒ with your order number and the issue.

Upon receiving your order, likewise, if there are any issues with it (for e.g. the print quality is bad, etc.) under the ‘Orders’ tab under your account, you can check that it has been received (completed or faulty). When you check faulty, we will create a case for you and please upload a picture of what has happened.


When all is fine! πŸ™‚


When it’s not πŸ™


There is also a review section for you under the same page when you are checking either completed or faulty order. Please do leave a review for the printers as it will encourage them to provide better services in the future or to rectify any shortcomings!

Happy shopping!

We hope this clarifies all your doubts while shopping at R3D. We hope to see you soon and join this big community aimed to revolutionise the whole retailing process!

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