Guide to shopping @ R3D   Are you feeling lost? New to 3D printing? Fret not, we are always here to help! We have compiled some really useful information to get you started on your shopping spree here @ R3D! Register Pretty straightforward. Just register yourself with us and fill in the required fields and you’re good to go! Shopping Getting started is just a click away from all the innovative products on R3D! You can visit our library here. Nothing captures your attention or do you have something in mind? If you have a model at hand and want to print it out, just upload it to R3D! We will assess the model for you to assure its printability[…]

How does everything works? So… We have receive a couple of queries by interested 3D printers owner and we’ve decided to put up an informative (yet simple) guide to navigating in R3D! Signing Up Signing up is pretty easy, just fill up the necessary information required by us; your prices, your printing details, your location, PayPal account information etc. Please ensure your Paypal account information is accurate as money will be transferred over to the given information. Mermy & Timing Go ahead and print out Mermy! Details of the purpose of Mermy can be found here in specifics. In gist, Mermy help you to compare your printing time with R3D’s. It takes us approximately 1 hour to print out Mermy in[…]

We’ve been printing a lot of the models uploaded to us and during our prints, there a lot of very interesting and innovative models hence, we decided to have a list of those to share with you all! GoPro under water mount This hack allows GoPro users to just find a used plastic bottles and attach their GoPro on it and just throw it in the water. It’ll float and you can take underwater footages and let it continue to float while you’re having fun with your friends and family! Starting for as low as SGD$5! GoPro diving mount Diving enthusiasts look here! Tired of super expensive GoPro diving mount? This 3d printed mount starts from as low as SGD$30![…]

What is R3D? R3D is a library of 3D models that are assessed, checked, printed, and tested. It is 100% printable with no flaws/defects so you can print in peace (or 1 piece)!   R3D is a platform that connects! See a print that you want but do not own a printer? Check out our available list of printers ready to fulfil the print for you! Protected by R3D’s protection!   Have a printer? Let your printer work for you! List your printer with us and earn some cash while you’re doing what you love (3D printing)! Steps are a breeze, just follow the instructions and head over to our FAQs if you have any questions!

Mermy – A ‘Cutified’ Merlion!       The model Mermy was not only create to become our mascot, but also as a tool to showcase each printer’s quality of print and as a gauge to correlate the time it takes to print versus the time posted on our website.   WHY?   Why is it important? Every printer has differing capabilities. Printing the same item on different printers will guarantee differing results. Therefore it is recommended to test print Mermy to calculate the time difference you take versus the time we took.   For example, Time taken for us to print Mermy = 1 hour Time you took = 1.5 hours Therefore it can be estimated that the time taken[…]

Filament     If you just got into the 3D printing, you must probably be wondering on the different types of filaments that will best produce the models that you desire. The most common filaments used by FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) are usually plastic based materials that is fed into the printer and most of the time, it comes in string like packaging rolled into a spool. There are 2 common standard sizing for these filaments, 1.75mm and 3.0mm! These filaments are thermoplastics, which basically means that they become malleable when heated making it possible for it be shaped while they are being heated and subsequently retain its new form after it is cooled.   ABS/PLA   I’ll get started[…]

Are you wondering how R3D works?   R3D is a library filled with 3D models that have been tested to ensure it fulfils its designated purpose. We check for flaws in models and give a recommended print time for a predetermined optimised specification.     Those with printers can register themselves on the website and list their printing services for a fee that is charged hourly. For Printers     For Users, all you have to do is to create an account on R3D, choose the models that you desire, engage a printer, and wait for the your order to be fulfilled!     For more clarification, please head over to the FAQ or join in the discussion at our[…]

  In case you may yet to check our site, you probably would be wondering what R3Dimensions really is. While this blog aims to be the platform for us to write and reach out to readers who shares similar interest in 3d printing, our website is basically the culmination of our idea of revolutionizing the industry where anyone can be a manufacturer, and everyone will be its beneficiary!   DECENTRALISED MANUFACTURING 3D printing – The next industrial revolution? We envision a future whereby getting any custom made products will be as easy and fuss free with a few clicks off a keyboard. Long gone will be the days where consumers will be at the mercy of big mighty manufacturers imposing their high[…]

What is 3D printing? The introduction of 3D printing in the 1980s was primarily used to produce prototypes for product development. 3D printing in its early years was more focused in the production industry, a stark contrast from what it is now.  Today, 3D printers of many variations are getting more affordable, making it possible for anyone to buy one to put on the kitchen top and print out a wine glass whenever they fancy. THEN vs NOW Currently, the 3D printing community is fast gaining traction with the masses as more and more of them realized and acknowledges the benefit that 3D printing can bring forth. From the medical industries which has been known to print our patient’s organs and[…]